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Join The 5 Week Back to Basics Initiative 

The mind, body, spirit reset you didn't know you needed

This is not another yo-yo diet program - it's a 360 lifestyle transformation. I'll help you get back to the foundational basics that are essential to ignite your mindset, routine habits, and lifestyle back on track so you finally experience that breakthrough you've been longing for in your health and life!

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What's Included In This Program 

Proven resources, tools & methods that will help you kickstart your health

Healthy food and drink recipes to energize your body

Access to the private group for connection

Meet Your Coach: Michaela

As a body image coach I help individuals ditch fad diets, destructive eating habits and negative self talk to embody a life of confidence and well being. My clients and I have similar stories of disordered eating habits and destructive body image issues but we no longer have to fear food, attach our worth to a number or restrict ourselves to attain "perfection".

If you're ready to lean into self-trust and self-love, while learning to embody the unique tools that can lead to health & happiness, sign up for the 5 week initiative today!

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Here's Why You Will Love This Online Program

You'll have access to expert guidance and a supportive community!

Research shows when we are a part of a community with a similar goal & vision we are more likely to succeed & feel a sense of connectedness. With an experienced coach to lead you, you'll feel unstoppable and re-energized to begin again on your health journey!

5 weeks mapped out & outlined to your individual needs!

This isn’t like anything else out there. It’s unique in that this is truly tailored to the individual so you can learn the power of your own intuition while feeling confident and empowered. We take the information & put it to practice so you can see success.

Get Back to Basics Now. Start Today!

Get Back to Basics

Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

Just the thing I needed!

"I found this challenge to be extremely helpful! I was able to quickly get rid of my bad habits and got into a daily routine that made me healthy."

I can feel my body responding.

"Joining this challenge was the game changer for me. Within a week of applying the information I started seeing results that I didn't see in my body for ages."

I Love the encouragement!

"I feel lucky that I came across this initiative. The entire group of people participating is so awesome. I love how each day can look different based upon my needs."

These resources are life-changing.

"As a beginner I could not have asked for a better program . This program has helped me overcome the 'beginners' fear.' and get back to my healthy foundations"

Here's What You Get With This Course

  • Expert Access: Pre-recorded coaching videos & Action Steps (valued at $497)

  • Pre Recorded Classes: Yoga, Meditation & Chakras (valued at $497)

  • Nutritional Recipes to Kickstart your Healing (valued at $97)

  • Intuitive eating workbook & resources (valued at $97)

  • Private online group for Encouragement and Community (valued at $497)

Total Value: Total Value of the 5 Week Back to Basics Program is $1700

Special Price Just For Today is ONLY $475

Get Back to Basics Now!

Are You Ready to Better Your Lifestyle and Unleash Healing in your Body?

In 5 weeks you won't recognize the woman you've become - let go of negative habits, mindset blocks, & get ready to change your lifestyle for the better. Join the initiative today!

Get Back to Basics Today!

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