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Break free from the emotional attachment to food 

Nourished Soul empowers individuals to ditch fad diets, destructive eating habits, and negative self talk to fully embody a life of confidence and well-being through intuitive based practices and support.

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Sassy, Sexy & Confident

Gain the confidence you so badly desire by learning to love your body right now, increase your self confidence and attain lasting happiness in 5 days.

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Body Confidence 101


Complimentary class where I share:

5 part proven process to achieve body confidence.

6 Roadblocks you're hitting & must avoid.

Why you don't need to give diet culture another chance.

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I've been where you are...

My name's Michaela, a body image & intuitive health coach. I went through my own struggles of disordered eating, low self confidence and poor body image.

I became physically, mentally and spiritually ill due to these harmful patterns and diets, but deep down I knew there had to be a different way to live.

Through holistic and intuitive approaches I learned to love the skin I'm in and heal my body, mind and soul. My transformation began when I learned to trust my body & how it wanted to heal itself.

I now empower individuals to ditch fad diets, destructive eating habits, and negative self talk to fully embody a life of confidence and well-being, through food, body connection practices, body image coaching and soul empowerment.

How I Can Help You

Why work with a body image coach

Clients who invest in themselves see transformation & wellness at higher numbers than those who don't.

Increased accountability

Personal care and attention

Feel empowered & focused

Ongoing support & expertise

Community support & encouragement

Group Coaching calls with Michaela

Trusted & reliable tools

Ongoing resources

Intuitive based tools

Happy Nourished Soul Clients

Hear from women just like you who took that next step!

'' Michaela is very passionate about her physical and emotional well being in order to live the best possible life - and she truly wants everyone to be happy and healthy. Michaela really listened to my goals and needs. She encouraged me every step of the way and when I was done with the program - I was eating healthier without even thinking about it! I feel better when I exercise and automatically try to find the good in every situation. This is a well-rounded program and I highly recommend it to everyone ''



'' I've noticed so many more positive changes in my life. I have been so much kinder to myself and I’m really starting to appreciate the skin I’m in. I’m enjoying going out with my family to eat, cooking and eating what I want without guilt. I know when to stop and when I’m full; I don’t think about the calories or if I “deserved” the food. It’s so freeing. My energy has increased immensely. If you want to find peace in yourself, balance in your food and energy to your day work with Michaela, you will not regret investing in yourself.



'' I have learned so much about myself working with Michaela. I’ve learned to say “I CAN do this” because for so long I’ve told myself “I can’t” out of fear. I view myself differently than I did before, having a safe and judgement free zone allowed me to open up to myself and the incredible tools that were provided. I think people who have trouble with food and body image would really benefit from working with Michaela; I give her 10/10 because she saw something in me that I couldn’t until now''